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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 2, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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everyone. we will do that. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." tonight it's becoming increasingly difficult to deny the obama presidency is in peril, and this week in particular for an administration that coined the phrase "leading behind." the president has lived up to that motto from legislative defeats to failed political stunts, these very high-profile missteps have already made an already unpopular president even more polarizing. on tuesday, abc news correspondent jonathan karl asked him if he can shake the case of second term blues. take a look. >> mr. president, you're 100 days into your second term. on the gun bill, you put
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everything it seems like to get it passed. obviously it didn't. congress has ignored your efforts to undo the sequester cuts. even a bill you that threatened to veto that got 92 democrats in the house voting yes. so my question to you is, do you still have the juice to get the rest of your agenda through this congress? >> well, if you put it that way, jonathan, maybe i should just pack up and go home. golly. you know, i think it's a little -- as mark twain said, "rumors of my demise may be exaggerated at this point." >> sean: all right. for somebody as arrogant as obama, it's difficult to consider the possibility that his magic may be fading. now unfortunately if you take a closer look ot the events that have transpired over the page three months, the age of obama mania appears to be coming at an abrupt end. let's take a look. first he kicked off the year by failing to avoid the sequestration. you no he's working behind the scenes to make sure each and
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every american is impacted by the budget cuts. there's only one minor problem with that strategy, sequestration was his idea in the first place. simply put, if you're looking for somebody to blame for the white house tours being canceled, call obama. if you want to know who's responsible for all those airport delays across the country last week, call obama. now meanwhile on capitol hill, two of the president's top legislative priorities they're now on life support. first and foremost his tireless attempt to limit the second amendment rights of law-abiding americans, it failed and it failed miserably. secondly, he's been completely incapable of making any sort of progress on immigration reform, and of course his budget is dead on arrival. so much for this promise. >> enact comprehensive immigration reform once and for all. we can't wait 20 years from now to do it. we can't wait 10 years from now to do it. we need to do it by the end of my first term as president of
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the united states of america. >> sean: he missed that deadline. maybe if he spends less time on vacation, less time on the golf course over the next three year, maybe he could accomplish something. however keep in mind even when the president is able to implement a piece of his radical agenda it doesn't work out the way he planned. take, for example, obamacare, the liberal law that has democrats calling it a train wreck. even harry reid uttered that statement. gun control, immigration, global warming, obamacare, it's been a tough year for the president. but hey, at least he picked louisville to go to the final four. joining me now with reaction, former new hampshire governor, a good friend, john sununu. former new mexico governor, bill richardson. governor sununu, global warming, budget doa, gun control, nobody wants him involved in the immigration legislation. nothing. he can't get anything
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accomplished. why? >> sean, that's exactly the same as last term. he got obamacare. he got the stimulus money. he got nothing else. he does not know how to lead. but what he had last term was he constantly blamed bush. now he can't do that. now that he can't do that, even the liberal press has to see that the emperor has no clothes. this is a man with no experience, and the lack of experience is hurting america today. he doesn't know that you do more than say i want a bill called gun control and somehow it comes magically. he's got to work. he's work averse. >> sean: you know, look at, for example, obamacare, governor richardson. you have -- you have this race going on in south carolina, and you have stephen colbert's sister is in the race, running as far as far what max baucus, a democrat, calls a train wreck. when people finally see harry reid's reiterated max baucus'
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comments, what agenda items is he getting through? why won't democrats support him, support him on gun control? >> let me take each of the issues you discussed, sean. obamacare, more and more republicans are accepting the medicaid provisions, number one. that's moving in the right direction. secondly, sequestration, look, there was an agreement on the flight controllers, some of the budget cuts, it was temporary, but i think the president in his press conference laid out an agenda that might lead to more compromise. on the gun issue, extremely divisive. i'm a second amendment supporter, but, you know, the members of congress or home. they're listening to their constituents. maybe some kind of compromise will move forward. >> sean: but nothing is even being proposed would -- >> sean, let me address those. can i address those?
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>> sean: yes. >> under obamacare, people are discovering the tax on their wages, a 40% tax on some of their healthcare insurance. all these taxes are beginning to hit. it is a train wreck. just because some of the governors are being bribed to pull the medicaid package into their state, that could bankrupt them if they don't accept the federal money, doesn't mean that obamacare is working. the second thing is, on gun control -- >> john, you've had most of the time. let me finish. >> i didn't finish yet. the president announces a title and walks away from it. where is his contribution to the kind of di give-and-take that's necessary to solve a complicated thing like immigration? >> well, look, right now immigration is going in the right direction. you've got a bipartisan compromise, the gang of eight. marco rubio, john mccain,
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lindsey graham, chuck schumer, all segments of both parties of conservative, progressive, they're moving toward a solution. >> sean: but nobody wants to hear from obama. >> he's been a leader. >> sean: no, he hasn't! >> come on! because he announces a title, he's a leader? announcing a title is not leading. what is leading is bringing people in and mediating the differences. >> that's what's happening. there's a senate compromise that's moving forward. you just want it not to succeed. i think that's the problem. >> no! i'm all for getting the border sealed. i'm all for stopping the flow of illegal immigrants into the country. and if it requires us to make some kind of a deal on people that are already here, if it's the right way, i'm very comfortable with that in the long run. but seal the borders, enforce the laws, and don't let holder
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let people go just to make hay out of a sequester. >> well, it's moving in the right direction. i don't know what you're complaining about on the sequester. look, the problem, the short-term problem -- >> sean: guns aren't going anywhere. his budget dead on arrival three years in a row. global warming, dead on arrival. obamacare, plummeting and is a disaster train wreck for 2014. sequestration, apocolyptic fear, didn't work. what is he doing that's working? and the economy looks like crap. >> 100 days into the second term, come on, guys. you know, this -- >> sean: well, that's five years. >> we've got a long way to go. >> yeah. and i think the president is -- >> on immigration reform, he's moving in the right direction. on sequestration, something will happen there. you watch. >> sean: guys, we got to go. >> people are discovering, the liberal press is acknowledging,
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the president is a loser. >> sean: thank you both. we'll leave it there. perfect note. coming up next, while the left wing lunatics rioted in the streets yesterday in celebration of may day, senator harry reid was busy accusing tea party people. that and more coming up next. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonderhat other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. [ sigh of relief ] ♪ vo:wiplus wireless speaker,rhead bold is the proud sponsor of singing in the shower.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." yesterday was may day and rioters called for death to capitalism. seattle saw some of the worst violence. police arrested 11 adults, two violence, as protesters threw bottles, other items at law enforcement officers and news crews. while the anarchists were spreading their havoc, liberal mouthpiece harry reid doubled down, saying it was the works of tea partiers. >> do you think the tea partiers are anarchist? >> my experience with the tea party, they're against government. they do throw monkey wrenches into the government. it's evident we can't get things done. they don't want anything to happen in government. i mean, we pass laws. they fight funding the laws we
9:14 pm
pass. they don't want government to work. i want it to work. >> sean: harry reid should have turned his tv set on yesterday, because tea party members were not the ones rioting in streets. it was the anarchists inside the occupy wall street movement. joining me with reaction, leslie marshall, and cohost of "the five," kimberly guilfoyle. you see this so, may day, death to capitalism, violence once again by the left in this one. give me an example of a tea party incident where they needed to set rape tents to protect women from sexual assault, where tea party members were literally taken a crap on a police car, urinating, doing drugs, bike we saw during the zocotti park
9:15 pm
incident. >> the first definition is rebelling authority, which means any teenager could be an anarchist. >> in seattle last night, were those anarchist, left wing radical anarchists going after cops, going after media? did we not see that during the occupy movement? can you give me similar examples among tea partiers? yes or no. >> i said at the beginning that i couldn't, but i don't understand why this is a surprise. the founder behind occupy wall street has said himself he's anarchist. this is 12 people in seattle, attributing them to o.w.f. members. >> sean: but the difference is nancy pelosi, barack obama himself, supported the occupy
9:16 pm
movement. they put their seal of approval on it. >> they proudly did, and it's shame. they're not anarchists, they're outright criminals. they try to hide behind the first amendment to commit crimes against property, individuals, law-abiding individuals, yet they try to liken it to the tea party. there is no comparison. they fail miserably short, but they have no shame in sitting there, calling out the tea party, accusing them of the same type of demonstrations. where's the footage? where's the facts? where's the evidence? >> sean: what's happened, your party, the democratic party, has become led by obama, harry reid, and nancy pelosi, a party of lying demagogues, and lie about what it means to be tea party members, conservatives, they lied about mitt romney, they slander, smear, besmirch, character assassination, and it's almost daily. and liberals like yourself, excuse me, don't speak out, don't say anything.
9:17 pm
why? >> sean, first of all, when senator harry reid backed up his hark as anarchist, referred to being a student, he specifically pointed out that the tea party is not violent because anarchy can be violent or not. i agree with kimberly that any group left or right is breaking the law, hiding behind the first amendment, ows as well. >> sean: you didn't address my question. i asked you specifically -- wait a minute. i asked you about the demagoguing of harry reid, the demagoguing of obama, the smearing and slander of conservatives. do you think paul ryan wants to kick granny over the cliff? do you think republicans want to poison the air and water? this is the typical rhetoric that comes out of these guys every day? >> sean, you know, i'm a bostonian, as you know, strong, half irish gal from boston, and
9:18 pm
when ron paul says that the terrorist attack wasn't as bad as the police state, this is not only a -- >> sean: ron pale is not a conservative, he ran as a libertarian candidate. >> ran as a republican. >> sean: he's retired. didn't get 1% in the presidential race. >> he's an outlier. that's irrelevant. that has nothing do with this. this is about criminal activity condoned and sanctioned by the administration, by the liberal left, where they seem to glorify these individuals and reward them with public praise, and at the same time casting dispersions the tea party, law-abiding people, fighting for smaller government. those are good goals. i'm appalled that they would condone this kind of criminal activity. just goes to show you how wrong and false and anti-american their core ideology is. >> where's the condoning of what happened in seattle yesterday?
9:19 pm
>> sean: wait a minute. the condoning came during occupy wall street. the condoning came during wall street by pelosi and by obama. that's when it came. >> not yesterday, sean. >> sean: but if it was a conservative, they would have smeared -- >> these are the same people. these are their folks. we're comparing apples and oranges. >> sean: the tea party sings "blowed bless america" and clean up after themselves. they put their heart over their heart, the right way. >> and they write a check to politicians by their vote to block something all americans want. >> sean: yeah, block obamacare? thank god. i know, you want pelosi daycare. god help us all. still ahead, media bias.
9:20 pm
brent bozell is here. and pepsi co, mountain dew in particular, is under fire for considering what some consider the most racist advertisement in history. the video has been scrubbed from youtube, but we have a copy. we'll let you see it in its entirety coming up next. also a disturbing report out of the pentagon, is the obama administration considering court-martialing soldiers for daring to speak their christian faith? we have the details on that developing story tonight on developing story tonight on "hannity." if there was a pill to help protect your eye health as you age... would you take it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin dedicated to your eyes, from bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite is uniquely formulated to help protect your eye health. now that's a pill worth taking. [ male announcer ] ocuvite.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." it's a highly insensitive online mountain dew ad that's not only
9:25 pm
filled with racial stereotypes, but filled with violence against women. watch the ad. >> all right, ma'am, we got them all lined up. nail this little sucker. come on, which one is he? point to him. >> you should have gave me some more. i'm nasty. >> i don't think i can do this. >> it's easy. just point to him. >> a player. >> he's wearing the do-rag. come on, it's the one with the four lags. >> keep your mouth shut. keep your mouth shut. >> no! >> i'm going to get out of here and do you up. keep your mouth shut. >> i can't do this! i can't do this! no, no, no, no, no, no, no! >> she's got to do it. >> you're never going to catch
9:26 pm
me. >> sean: the company has since pulled the controversial ad calling it a mistake and issued an apology. joining me with reaction, chief strategist for the and michelle fields. niger, what do you make of it? >> it's a silly commercial, but frankly i think that's a flea in comparison to the four decades-plus promotion of the stereotype of black man as a thug by the entertainment industrial complex, by big hollywood. i think that is mickey miscellaneous in comparison to the signal sent to black america, all americans, when the president of the united states has as his bff an unrepentant former drug dealer named jay-z.
9:27 pm
>> sean: i don't like the ad. i think it's offensive. corporate execs think we want to reach the youngest generation. this is how we'll reach out to him. they hire a hip-hop artist, tyler the creator, members of his band. >> it is. >> sean: we'll do this ad, young will love it. they don't even know what they're doing. they think by hiring him -- >> but, sean, the commercial is the symptom. the disease is what i was talking about, which is big, who the entertainment industrial complex, large parts of the hip-hop industry promoting this image of young black men as thugs and young black women, and white women for that matter, as hos, h-o-s. >> sean: and nobody seems to care. buddy of obama, that's a good
9:28 pm
point. michelle? >> i don't think it's racist. him and his friends, the creator, are in it themselves. you're seeing these professors coming out saying this ising corporate racism and corporate misogyny. where are all the professors when obama praises the rapper lil wayne who is known for being a misogynist. >> exactly right. >> where is the outrage from the professors there? i don't seem to hear it. >> sean: niger is a african american. you are a hispanic american. both have been called worse names for being conservatives and minorities, correct? >> and no one comes to our defense. liberals don't. >> sean: i do. >> thank you, but these professors don't. >> sean: that's a good point. look, there are a lot of examples. i understand corporations now,
9:29 pm
they feel that they've got to e coolest, the hippest, the latest trendy thing, and i just think they're a bunch of deposit. i really do. i could see these guys in the dumb boardroom, making a decision, and trump would fire them in five seconds for being dumb. they think they're being cool, because they hire cool people that young people like, and this is an edgy ad, and they think it's funny, and all of a sudden it backfires on them. is that part of it? >> yeah. i don't even understand how it sells mountain dew. >> sean: me either. the goat if he was drinking it maybe. i don't know. >> well, it is part of that criminal chic they were trying to tap into. there's a very serious point here. and that is in the black and the brown community, not just exclusively there, but predominantly there, you've got a negative social pathology that the hip-hop industry and the big hollywood entertainment industrial complex has promoted for 40 years. look at the results.
9:30 pm
>> sean: how about, michelle, maybe a -- instead of a hip-hop artist who is going to create something edgy like that, why not great black role models in this country that could show -- that would resonate with kids? give them the platform. >> i absolutely agree, sean. i think the mountain dew people should come to you for their next commercial. >> sean: we may have an adhere. i see an ad, maybe we'll put it together. you know, mountain dew can -- >> let's do it, michelle. >> i'm all for it. >> sean: i'm all for it, too. it would be a better ad. all right, guys. good to see you both. coming up next tonight on "hannity" -- >> marco believes congress should focus on violence rather than guns. marco rubio, he's our stooge of the night. allen, take it away. >> sean: another shameful week for the main street media, but not let your heart be troubled. we'll hold these so-called journalists accountable. brent bozell joins me next.
9:31 pm
and later, could soldiers serving our country be court-martialed for spreading their christian faith? we'll have the details as we have a "hannity" investigation out of the pentagon. by the way, we always want to hear you. log on to hannity live to follow the show and share your thoughts. not bad.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." time for media marks our weekly round-up of all the ways the liberal media tries to put their spin on the news. back to this week's material, there's never a shortage, brent bozell. sir, how are you? >> brother hannity, how you doing? >> sean: a lot of people angry last week i'm hearing through the grapevine. i'm shocked people get mad that we expose them for who they are.
9:36 pm
i can't help myself. i love -- we got this trial going on, but here's abc devotes 177 minutes, 177 minutes, to other trials. do you know brother bozell how long they devoted to the abortion trial? >> it's not hard. the number zero just jumps. >> sean: roll tape. >> the 66-year-old star of "the expendables" is suing a contractor, seeking more than a million dollars for alleged damages and shoddy work to his los angeles mansion starting in 2009. >> a dramatic twist in a murder trial that sent a georgia man to prison for life. >> we'll get to the latest on jody arias trial. lightning round of prosecution witnesses yesterday, including one of the victims' ex-girlfriends, and another burst of tears from arias. >> michael jackson's life and
9:37 pm
death will play out again in court. >> sean: really? not even one segment? nothing. >> yeah, let's put this in perspective, 51 stories, on the trail of amanda knox, jody arias, civil lawsuit on michael jackson, and one of the most horrific stories in our lifetime, a man who butchered babies, who killed their mothers, with details beyond gruesome. babies floating in toilets trying to swim, to come out, while he pus scissors in the back of their skulls, but it's an abortion story, and since it's an abortion story abc news has decided they're not going to cover it, at the same time they're covering barack obama going to a planned parenthood
9:38 pm
affair. >> sean: rusrush limbaugh said f liberalism was a religion, abortion would be a sacrament. >> you don't have to be pro-life to be horrified by it. you could be pro-choice and be horrified by this story. >> sean: that's a great point. let's go to the cover-up of benghazi. we had on fox news one of the whistleblowers -- by the way, this is the tip of the iceberg. those people that know what happened that night are going to speak eventually, but in spite of jay carney says, "oh, that was a long time ago." the networks, what's fascinating, we had an interview on "fox report," bret baier's program, do you think the networks covered it? no, not at all. if it was george bush, they would. >> seven months and still no arrests or targeted killings after the brutal attack on two
9:39 pm
locations in benghazi, libya, killing four americans, despite promises they would be hunted down and held accountable. however sources tell fox news the u.s. has identified the mastermind of the benghazi attack who is still in libya and walks free. >> we basically don't want to upset anybody. the problem is if ambassador stevens' family knew that we were sitting on information about the people who killed their son, their brother, and we could look at them as a government in the face, then we're messing up. >> sean: if george bush were president, they'd be calling for his impeachment over this. >> sure. i would say two words about whistleblowers, joe wilson and valerie plame. don't you remember how the media gave endless coverage to these courageous men and women who came forward to tell the truth about the bush administration. you've got this whistleblower. what do we know now? we know that obama could have
9:40 pm
prevented this, there were assets he could have used. we know that, who did this, and we haven't arrested them. this man is disguising his face out of fear. what does that tell you? these are all stories that could be reported. when carney says it's an old story, that's an old clinton trick. they did that during all of whitewater, every time a new angles came out against clinton, they said that's an old story and the media bit every time. they're doing it again. it's not old. it's very new. >> sean: the president goes out with doom and gloom on sequestration, saying people will be left out in the cold, they're silent victims. watch this. >> by fixing only flight delays, some democrats say less vocal victims of the budget slashing have been left out in cold, leaving millions of americans
9:41 pm
harmed by the sequester, wondering what washington plans to do for them. >> so many are hurting from this sequestration. i mean a lot of people losing hours, their jobs in the process as well. there has to be a resolution quickly. >> and pilots are getting on the plane, a one-hour delay, blame government. >> sean: they didn't say the sequester was obama's idea. they forgot that detail. what else they didn't say? republicans offered to give him the flexibility so that things like this wouldn't happen. one other thing, they didn't point out obama did what he said he wouldn't do, he flip-flopped and had to give in in the end anyway. >> and they're not pointing out that the sequestration funds the government for a few hours and that's it. they're not pointing out that the budget this year is higher than last year. so there are no cuts at all. by the way, sean, the public is -- is seeing right through this. they've had it. the media are playing obama's game. they're seeing right through this panic attack.
9:42 pm
>> sean: the media in this country are just the extension of the obama press operation. it's scary. they get angry at this summit, some of them. >> let's do it again! >> sean: some of the cute couples out there get upset. i don't understand it. bret bozell, you're a great american. god bless you. coming up, details about members of our armed services. could soldiers soon be in court, court martialed for spreading the christian faith? it's being discussed in the obama pentagon. we'll discuss that. and then this -- >> this is the bill that not everyone wants to see out here. it is a ploy. once again your side of the aisle keeps trying to make poise instead of dealing with the real issue! >> sean: a war of words erupts inside the illinois state capitol over gun control and that fiery exchange ends with one of the lowest blows ever uttered by a democrat. wait till you see the
9:43 pm
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>> sean: tonight we're looking into an investigation done by fox news' own todd starks. he says there's a war on religious liberty within the military, and christianity is coming under attack by the obama administration. a statement reads, religious proselytizing is not permitted within the department of
9:48 pm
defense. court martials are decided on a case-by-case basis. jacques degroth joins us, who didn't wear a suit. makes me look like i'm arguing with a man of the cloth. >> i'll let god decide that one. >> sean: you did an investigation, been able to confirm it. tell everybody the story. >> that's right, sean. under the obama administration we have seen a christian cleansing of the united states military. dozens and dozens of instances of christianity under attack. this most recent incident occurred a few days ago when mikey weinstein, the head of the military religious foundation had a meeting at the pentagon where he was urging them, the military, to enforce regulations that he believes would result in the court martial of any proselytizing, sharing their faith. the pentagon issued a statement to me on monday. they said that proselytizing was
9:49 pm
against the department of defense regulations. after our story came out earlier today, they walked back that statement, saying they do believe in sharing your faith, that soldiers are allowed to do that. but, sean, we're getting new information from the air force. the air force today issued a statement to me today. i want to read this. they say proselytizing, inducing someone to convert to one's faith goes over the line. it is not allowed. so basically we're getting conflicting information now from the military. one thing is very clear, that under this administration we have seen the christian faith come under a significant attack. >> sean: weinstein is a controversial figure in and of himself. you know, he -- give us some of the reasons. he said, for example, that it's a treason. >> that's right. >> sean: what other controversial things hayes said? >> mr. weinstein said that the act of sharing one's faith, proselytizing, is aiken to spiritual rape. this is the wording he used at
9:50 pm
the pentagon. >> sean: he used it while selling this stupidity. >> spiritual rape. this is the same pentagon that invites mr. weinstein to come in and give his view of things, but at the same time they're banning people like franklin graham from the pentagon's national day of prayer. they're banning people like tony perkins from the family research council. >> sean: let me bring in jacque. you are a minister. you and i disagree on politics. but you know something, if you were serving in the military, and if -- because we know how stressful, all these kids coming back from iraq and afghanistan, they have ptsd, the stress, the pressure. i went to church when i was iraq, and i've never been to a church service as moving as that in my life, because everybody in that service knew their life was on the line, they could die the next day. it's an experience you can't duplicate unless you were in a war area. i would love it if you were them to help these soldiers, reach out to them, share your faith, give them comfort, hope and
9:51 pm
prayer. forget our political disagreements. >> well, we agree on this, the american military force is the greatest force in the history of the world. you go to arlington cemetery, look on the headstones, you'll see crosses. you'll see stars of david, because those people put their lives on the line for the rest of us to have this conversation, exercising our freedom of speech, and exercising the right to religion. where we disagree is not on the need to protect that right for those in the military. we disagree on that proselytizing part. they should be allowed to share their faith, but no government employee is allowed to proselytize. >> sean: they're saying you can't even speak of your faith. >> no, they're not. >> sean: they're telling us is one thing, but what's happening in reality is very different. last year, an air force officer had a bible on his desk. he was told to remove that bible because it might give the appearance that he was endorsing a specific faith. earlier today at the national day of prayer event, rear
9:52 pm
admirable william lee scrubbed his prepared remarks. he said, he told people, there's a storm coming. he said there are instances that faith isn't in fact under attack in the military, and he asked people to pray for the soldiers, because of what they're having to deal with in the military. >> sean: this is scary. you got to admit, if you can't speak freely -- >> that's right. >> sean: someone doesn't want to hear it, just say i don't want to hear it. >> the issue of a bible on a desk by a military officer to me crosses the line. he's allowed -- >> sean: a bible? >> on his desk. anyone coming in, not a christian, it says that he endorses this religion. >> sean: so what. >> that's not separation of church and state. if he wants to keep it in his desk, on his nightstand, but i think it crosses the line. >> sean: he's on a battlefield. >> that's not what i said. >> sean: it's the same thing. >> no, it's not. >> sean: we got to go. real quick. >> this admirable said he wanted to send a bible to a soldier who
9:53 pm
attempted suicide. he sent it anyway even though he knew he'd get a letter from a lawyer saying he crossed the line. >> sean: i hope somebody takes this court. >> our currency says in god we trust. >> sean: but better not mention it or you'll get court martialed. coming up next on "hannity" -- >> the house will be in order. the house will be in order! the house will be in order. >> sean: a showdown between a republican and a democrat on gun control. you have to see it to, the fiery exchange it. exchange it. ends with a the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her... no. no! no. ...likes 50% more cash. but i don't give up easy... do you want 50% more cash? yes! yes?! ♪ [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card
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9:58 pm
out swinging in defense of the people of illinois and the u.s. constitution about the additional proposal that would allow sheriffs to decide whether a citizen can carry a gun. watch the fireworks. >> my my, gosh, people. don't you think the people of the state of illinois are tired of seeing something like this. we have rules, and yet you bring something that should be a floor amendment. floor amendment should be some technical, small change, that we shouldn't have to worry about like this. yet you bring a whole bill that has questions whether it is even constitutional, that has questions whether it meets the court's approval of what we're trying to do with conceal carry. folks, the process is really messed up. quit. this is not the bill that everybody has debated, the bill that everyone has talked on, the bill that everyone wants to see out here. it is a ploy.
9:59 pm
and once again, your side of the aisle keeps trying to make ploys instead of dealing with the real issue. keep playing games! keep playing games! there's a -- there's a time limit online. do you know that -- that one of the associations actually has a click-down of when we have constitutional carry in the state of illinois? you want to endanger your citizens and keep playing games like this? vote no! >> you will not disrespect the chair either. >> i'm not disrespecting the chair. >> you do not have the floor. you do not have the floor. >> so here's my point, members. we don't want someone like that carrying a concealed weapon. >> the house will be in order. the house will be in order! the house will be in order! >> sean: fortunately the issue failed in the house later that day. by the way, applaud
10:00 pm
representative bost for his courageous confrontation and unique style. that's all the time we have this evening. let not your heart be troubled. greta is ne see you back here tw night. thanks for being with us. >> greta: this is a fox news alert. the boston marathon was not the bombers' original target. fox news correspondent david lee miller is live in boston with the breaking news. david lee? >> greta, sources are telling fox news that the boston bombers assembled their devices in the apartment of tamerlan tsarnaev in cambridge, massachusetts, a home he shared with his wife and child, raising serious questions about how he actually went about constructing the device. also a national security source is telling fox's katherine harridge that


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